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 Post subject: Hawken: Giving credit where credit is due.
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:01 pm 

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Okay, so I'm new to the 630i (strangely enough), but as far as gaming goes I think I'm gonna give props to this system and its capabilities.

Little bit of background:
I've been sitting with my finger on the trigger to pick up a $150 750ti card to up the capabilities of this basically stock machine. Now, understand that I DO have plans for a Haswell build utilizing the 630i case, but my biggest problem is that I've been almost afraid to try new games out of fear of being disappointed with this machine in its current configuration.

I gotta tell ya, I installed Hawken with a grim outlook. Yes, it doesn't have the most demanding of system requirements, but official gaming minimum requirements typically detail what ya need to just run the game.

With an E8400 OC'd to 3.5ghz, 8gb of RAM, and dual 8800GTX cards in an SLI setup, I'm running Hawken on Ultra settings with PhysX enabled in 1920x1080p, and it's absolutely gorgeous.

The game runs without skipping a beat, no chop, no buffering, just smooth high def gameplay with wonderful visuals.

So, just to get some insight and opinions, where exactly to I begin to run into problems? I mean, I'm super curious about buying Titanfall, for example, since it runs on the Source Engine. I run Black Mesa with the Source Engine on full high settings and it performs flawlessly, so I'd imagine Titanfall would as well. Is it things like the latest Flight Simulator that would just destroy my little overoptimistic world, or what? :P

Stock XPS 630i | Win7-64 | E8400 C2D OC'd 3.5ghz, 1560mhz FSB | 8GB | GTX 460 OC'd

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