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 Post subject: Micro-Stutter Fix For GTA 5 Using Q6600
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:26 pm 

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System Specs...

Dell XPS 630i

CPU: Intel Q6600 quad-core @ default 2.4Ghz
RAM: 8GB standard 800Mhz
PSU: 750-watt
Graphics: Geforce GTX-960 2GB
Hard-Drive: 500GB platter drive in raid 0
Windows 7 64-bit

Hello folks, I found something interesting in regards to the Hyperthreading option in the dell bios on the xps-630i. Yes, I know, Intel core chips do not use Hyperthreading. But, it has Hyperthreading in there and set at 5x.

I was always getting stuttering game-play while playing most newer games (especially gta 5) and even when I overclocked the Q6600 to 3.2Ghz the stutter was still there. I found a basic way to remove the micro-stutter.

Go into the bios and disable the 'C1E Function' and then disable the 'speedstep'.

Then look for 'HT' in the overclock menu. You will see that it is set to 5x. You need to change that to 1x, the lowest it can go, and press f10 to save settings and restart system. It will remove the stuttering from the game. GTA 5 hates hyperthreading so it works and plays perfectly with HT turned off, and it works great believe it or not.

I thought I'd just stick this out there for people just incase they have the same micro-stutter problem especially with grand theft auto 5, I tested it many times regarding this very simple fix and it works excellently, so give it a try and see how much more smoothly your gta 5 game plays with this basic change in HT.It even helps with highering the in-game graphics settings and it still runs perfectly smooth.

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