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 Post subject: mobo and processor upgrade
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:18 am 

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Hello everyone,

I have been browsing here for a while now making and making small upgrades to my computer here and there (gpu, ssd, ect) trying to prepare myself for the next gen of games. One of the warnings that I have seen about upgrading lately is being bottlenecked by my current mobo. Seeing as how there have not been any new posts about mobos lately i was wondering if there were any newer models out that would work within the stock 630i case. I was also curious if i would have to invest in a new PSU(im running the stock as of now). As far as a processor im planning on getting an i5 so thats not too much of an issue.

tl;dr: Whats a good newer mobo that will work within the 630i case and what adjustments might need to be made for it to work?

The Puter:
XPS 630i stock mobo, PSU, & fans
GEFORCE GTX 660ti 2gb
Intel core2 q6600 3.2Ghz.
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 Post subject: Re: mobo and processor upgrade
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:53 am 

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Any standard ATX motherboard will fit. The only problem you'll run into is the power button not working with some brands. (Asus for sure, I also ran into the problem with an MSI board)

See these two threads for more info


There is a fix for it, which is re-wire the black 5x2 pin header as mentioned in the thread linked above. Buy a NZXT Single Sleeve Front Panel Connections Cable Set and plug in the extender into the two pins next to the blank slot and your power button will now work. If you want your power button LED & HDD LED (activity light) to work then you have to wire 4 other slots (2 for each light) See the last post of the 2nd thread for more info.

To answer the second part of your question you would have to tell us more about your build to say whether or not you need to upgrade your PSU. If you don't plan on running SLI + OCing or anything like that then you'll probably be fine, I upgraded to a Corsair HX 650w modular unit just cause I wanted a cleaner look in my case. Plus it has stronger 12V rails than the Dell PSU. Btw if you do plan on switching your PSU you might have to unscrew the shelf below the PSU, move it up and then screw it back in, also there is some weird clamp/holder thing on the top of the case (above the shelf) that I had to remove (2 screws) to get my PSU to fit.

XPS 630i
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Windows 7 Home (32-bit) OS
750W PSU
750GB HD @ 7200RPM

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