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 Post subject: Aurora ALX
 Post Posted: Sat May 07, 2011 4:58 pm 
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Purchase a Aurora ALX a few weeks ago, heres what I got after a lot of calls to dell and a BBB complaint:

1 2835C Module,Documentation,Airborne,2-DAY,DELL DRCT
1 35W0M Module,Software,Roxio,EZ CD,10.3,Dell Edition,Factory Install
1 39PF2 Module,Card,Graphics,HEMLOCK,E120A
1 5V1HN Module,Keyboard,United States,KG100,T1
1 61KHD Module,Blu-Ray Rewritable,6X,Alienware,Hitachi Lg Data Storage,2
1 6KKX9 Module,Label,Intel,Desktop CI7E,Rebranding
1 7H12C Module,Accessory,HAT-WIPE-CLOTH,ALX,Aurora
1 8VWCN Module,Software,Certificate Of Authenticity,W7U64,Alienware
1 C447M Module,Housing,Carrier,Flexible,A51/AUR
1 F6403 Module,Information,X-DR Not InRaid,Dimension
1 F85CG Module,Accessory,Aurora English,Dell Americas Organization
1 FXJ4F Module,Software,Quick Fix Engineering,Windows Seven,Consumer Desktop
1 GP061 Module,Plug,Audio,Jack,6.1,05 1.0
1 J0CKX Module,Software,W7U64,ConsumerDesktop,English,Dao/bcc
1 J510R Module,Hard Drive,1TB,7.2K PHAR-XLOB
1 J9HNK Module,Flash Storage Device,Universal Serial Bus,Enhanced,BARE,DEIMOS,Artwork
1 JHGCP Module,Dvd+/-Rw,24X,Half Height,Artwork,Plds
1 JY579 Module,Information,Software, Alienware,ALIENFX,Blue
1 JY634 Module,Software,Alienware,AVATAR4
1 K236J Module,Card,Audio,SBX2,XP/VSTA
1 K611M Module,Thermal,LIQD-CLG,Central Processor Unit,Aurora
1 KD8JF Module,Card,Network,BLTH365,Alienware,World Wide
1 KP695 Module,Software,Alienware WALLPAPER,AW4
1 N971H Module,Cord,Power,125V,2M,C13 United States
1 NT799 Module,Information,Alienware,AUTO-UPDATES,ON
1 PXPJT Module,Card,Network,Pc Interface,KILLER,XENO
1 R593N Module,Dual In-line Memory,Module,12G,3X4GB,1333,ANW DT
1 T013C Module,Software,Works,9 English
1 T035N Module,Chassis,ALX,Black,875,Aurora
1 W332N Module,Mouse,Universal Serial Bus,MG900,Ship In Box
1 W929K Ship Group,ANW-DT,Foxconn,Aurora
1 WR9G4 Module,Software,W7U64,Digital Video Disk Drive,Multi-Language,Alienware
1 X737R Module,Processor,I7-975,3.33,Bloomfield,ANW DT
1 XM544 Module,Software,PC-RESTORE Transactional Line Of Business

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