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 Post subject: Guru's Please Help. Windows not working need to reboot.
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:41 pm 

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So I have reached the point with my 630i that I need to reload the op system.
A slow creep of failure has taken over the past few months and is now unbearable.
No Games will run, itunes not updating and windows is not accepting updates.

I recently read jdookie's advise to burn an image and keep it separate. I wish I had done this but I did not understand the implications back then.

Back 1yr ago when I first upgraded to Win 7 from Vista is when I should have imaged it. I compounded the mistake by downloading an upgrade to Win 7 Ultimate from Windows downloading site when they had a special. I do not know where this iso or whatever it was that I downloaded landed as I cannot find it on any drive.

Just like the jdookie guy said, the steady incremental backups that have been running slowly copied the corrupted registry or whatever is wrong so I do not have a good restore point.

Now. What I have done so far...I have copied 2 yrs worth of files, pictures, tax statements, you name it off the "C" drive onto 2 separate external drives.

Does this following process sound good to you?
1. Stick in the Win 7 Home Premium upgrade disc and try to reload the op system.

2. Somewhere in the beginning, I will need to re-setup my raid 0 on the (2) 300g WD HD's.

3. I see in the control panel I can use something called easy transfer to backup files and programs to an external. this worth it or should I just reload.

4. freaking itunes. I just burned 7 discs as a backup but should I just copy the itunes folder and paste it to the externals? The redownload itunes and point to this folder?

5. If I get the raid 0 setup and the win home premium op system loaded correctly I may forget about the Ultimate crap. It did nothing for me but give me bitlocker which I pulled off the externals anyway as I wanted to bring files from one machine to another on the external and bitlocker only works with Ultimate..

6. ...I notice the Win 7 upgrade discs have a 64 bit option. I am wondering if I should just go to it....keep in mind stock ram which I will not augment and stock motherboard which I may play with sometime when I get the other classified machine overclock going good.

if you got this far thanks. please respond if you see something easier or blatantly wrong.

EVGA X58 Classified3 141-GT-E770-A1
Radeon HD5850 (Crossfire)
Win Pro 7 64-BT
Western Digital 300G 10K Raptor
WD 1TB Black storage internal.
Seagate 1 TB storage (trying out Seagate 1st time)
Corsair Dominator 2Gx3 TR3X6G1600C8D
HAF-X 942 (I Like)
PSU Cooler Master RSA00-80GAD3 1000W Gold Modular

kids get my "old" Dell:
Stock Dell XPS 630i
CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ 2.66GHz
MB - Stock Dell
RAM - 4GB stock Dell
PSU - Stock 750W
GPU - (1) stock 9800 GT
HD - (2) 320GB, S2, 7200 Western Digital, RAID 0.
Sound- Creative SB X-Fi
Op Sys - Windows 7 Ultimate x32

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