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 Post subject: Posting Pic's etc.
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:01 pm 
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For all those who are finding it difficult to post Pictures I thought I'd put together a quick tutorial. Hope it helps.


Sign up for an off site image hosting service such as Photobucket, upload the image and then copy the link to that image.

At the top of the "Post a new topic" or "Post Reply" window you will see the message menu bar:


The bit you need is the "Img". Click that and you will see in you'r post "[img]|[/img]" with the cursor flashing at the point you need to paste the link to the image you've previously uploaded. To make sure your pic has inserted correctly simply click "Preview" found next to the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen.

Your image has to be less than 1000 pixles high for it to work, I use photobucket which has a very handy re-sizing tool, once you'r happy with the look, click "Submit" as normal.

For posting a link to an off site page you would use the "URL".
First locate the site/page and copy the link from you'r browers adress bar.
Click "URL" and paste the link at the point the cursor is flashing.
A neat trick here is to use a word instead of displaying the link eg.
For linking to DCF I could post "Look here".
To do this click "URL" as normal and at the flashing cursor type "here" (without the quotes).
Then move the cursor back untill it's at the end of the First url, type "=" (again without the quotes)and paste the link.
The line in the compose post window should now look like this:
"Look [url=(link to DCF without brackets)]here[/url]".


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