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Welcome new and current forum members!

This thread will help you find helpful information on modding, upgrading, and overclocking your XPS 630i. If you cannot find an answer to your question in any of these links, then please post a topic regarding your issue with complete system specifications and we will help you to find a resolution to the problem.


Team My630i.

General XPS 630i info:

1. Any XPS 630i with the stock motherboard and a Q9000 series CPU cannot be overclocked. Period.

2. When upgrading the motherboard, you must have an Nvidia GPU or an NVidia ESA compliant motherboard to be able to retain control of the chassis lights, fans, etc. After swapping the stock motherboard, AlienFX Software cannot be used, and will not install on the system for chassis control.

3. The XPS 630i can be swapped with any aftermarket ATX form factor motherboard to fit inside the case with dimensions of 12" x 9.6". Only ASUS boards require slight front panel mod to have functionality of PWR Button, PLED, and HDD LED. There is now a way around this modification. Check link below.

4. The power supply in the XPS 630i can be swapped out for any standard ATX form factor power supply.

5. The stock XPS 630i motherboard cannot run Crossfire with aftermarket ATI Cards, such as XFX, HIS, Sapphire, etc. Only ATI Cards supplied by Dell with their VGA BIOS for the 630i along with Dell's ATI drivers from the 630i system driver page will work. A single ATI/AMD graphics card (GPU) will work in a 630i stock motherboard.

6. Both PCIe x16 connectors are v1.1 and permanently hardwired with 8 lanes each (8x). The performance is roughly equivalent to the v2.0 PCIe 4x lane ( this article may help explain it a little further).

7. The stock 630i motherboard can support a maximum of PC2-6400 DDR2 RAM (800MHz) with a total of 8GB (4x 2GB). PC2-8500 DDR2 (1066MHz) may work at the advertised speeds, or may not work at all and is not guaranteed. You must have a 64 Bit operating system to utilize anything more than 4GB.

8. The 630i chassis can mount a rear exhaust fan in the size of a 92x92x25 fan. Other fans may fit with adapters but may require the removal of the rear light bar.

9. The top processor supported by the stock 630i motherboard is the QX9650. The QX9770 is not supported.

10. The stock motherboard will only support a maximum of 2TB hard drives. Anything above this size will not work on the stock board. SATA II is the max supported speed of the SATA ports. SATA III Drives will work, however not at SATA III speeds.


Resource Collective: Click Here

XPS 630i Manuals: Click Here.

XPS 630i Troubleshooting and Beep Codes: Click Here

Asus Board Mod: Mod 1. Mod 2. Modless

Considerations for swapping CPU heatsink: Click Here.

BIOS Templates: Click Here.

Overclocking: OC 1. OC 2.

Removing the XPS 630i Left Side Panel: Click Here.

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