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 Post subject: Has anyone from england managed to get a refund????????
 Post Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:00 pm 

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I have had my XPS 630i for 3 weeks now and all I have had is problem after problem, I will keep it short as it is a long story, NO surprise there.

After a few hours of being able to play COD4, it would freeze and sometimes crash playing, updated the graphics driver (Radeon HD 3870 X2) still no joy. so I called Tec support, after showing them photo's of what was happening he still said it wasn't a hardware problem :? I got cut off so I called back, he had my mobile and home number but didn't call me back, after 20 mins I got through to someone else so I asked to be put through to the guy I was just talking to as I had spent 1hr on the phone to him, they didn't know who I was speaking you, so I started again, this time I showed him the photo's to save time and he put me on hold for 10 mins and came back and said he will send out a replacement graphics card, I got that last Friday and it was ok for a few hours so I updated the graphics card drivers and it crashed on a black screen, so I rebooted it and it wouldn't boot up, lights on the front and back came on but there was no output to the monitor, so I called Tec support again Sunday night, another hour on the phone and this time they were going to send an engineer out to replace the motherboard and graphics card on Tuesday, Tuesday came and at 11am I got a call to say they would be out Wednesday, I was not happy, her manager was in a meeting. so I spent all day trying to get of customer services with no joy, but did speak to a Tec support manager, I told him I was not happy and gave him 2 options, 1 a goodwill gesture from dell to keep me happy or a full refund. He said that he couldn't do that and would get in touch with customer services I asked him to get back to me before 5pm, didn't hear back from him.
Wednesday came and got a call from the engineer to say he would be with me at 10am, he turned up and started to replace the motherboard and graphics card, whist he was doing that the Tec manager called me to say that I would get a refund, the faulty 630i would be collect on the 4th Aug and it will take up to 22 working days for the money to be in my bank as he is telling me this, I can see the engineer starting to sweat and he was on his phone to someone, I asked the manager to send email conformation of what he had told me. I went outside to clear my head and the engineer soon followed me and said that he can't fix it as it boots up but asks to be booted from a floppy I haven't got and he can’t change it :( he said that I would get a call within 4 hours about the service call, I didn't and I still haven't got an email confirming that I will get a refund.

I emailed customer services yesterday asking them to explain why I had to wait till 4th Aug and to state what day my money will be back in my bank account and again today I still haven't got rid of the lump of junk or an email or my money back :(

Can anyone help me out?

Has anyone got an email address to write to?

Has anyone got a name/address to write to?

Has anyone else managed to get a refund? How long did it take you?

Thanks in advance


 Post subject: Re: Has anyone from england managed to get a refund????????
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:48 am 
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I'm very sorry to hear of all that you've been through :( :( To say you've got to be extremely frustrated would be a bit of a understatement! :shock:

I was offered a full refund a while after my 21-day limit had run out, but I believe only because I filed complaints with both my State Attorney General, and also the Better Business Bureau. I refused the refund (and the $200 credit refund), because Dell needs to both fix and provide what they advertised and didn't ship, and the modified hack they did ship.

Bear in mind that if you bought your system with either Visa or Mastercard, you have excellent recourse! If Dell continues to give you grief, give your credit card company a call, and I can assure they will make it right and get a refund for you. I've had excellent experience with Visa in dealing with a bogus company a number of years ago.

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