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 Post subject: Hi, I´m PowerMind
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:59 pm 

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Well, i had to write something as a title ;)

Didn't even know this forum existed until i was out looking for anyone upgrading this 630i chassi which I think is very nice one.
The reason is,, well... Ghost !! i was running home at midnight after the release and installed and yack!! Not enough with memory.. needed at least 6 GB RAM...

Looking at the prices gave me the hint,, dont wast Money on DDR2,, remove the MB and make it a new machine instead.

So my questions is really,, it looks like it´s a standard ATX, but need verification on that before going to the store..

I bought the system several years ago, but its still works on most of the games unitl now.

My system consists of:

PSU : 750W
CPU : E8500 3,34 GHz Dual Core
RAM : 4 GB
GPU : 2 x ATI Radeon 3870 on Crossfire
GPU : Nvidia Physix accelerator
HD : 2 x 1TB Western Digital in Raid 0
OS : win7 x64

Thanks for now


 Post subject: Re: Hi, I´m PowerMind
 Post Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:09 am 
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It is standard ATX, but some of the front usb ports may need modification depending on the mobo that is installed. This is usually the case with asus mobo's. Hope this helps.


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and other standard stuff :D

 Post subject: Re: Hi, I´m PowerMind
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:24 am 

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Hi, welcome to the site.

@KevinK37 I don't believe the front USB ports need any modification at all, they run off a standard usb header.


Any standard ATX motherboard will fit. The only problem you'll run into is the power button not working with some brands. (Asus for sure, I also ran into this problem with an MSI board)

See these two threads for more info


There is a fix for it, which is re-wire the black 5x2 pin header as mentioned in the thread linked above. Buy a NZXT Single Sleeve Front Panel Connections Cable Set and plug in the extender into the two pins next to the blank slot and your power button will now work. If you want your actual power button LED & HDD LED (activity light) to work then you have to wire 4 other slots (2 for each light) See the last post of the 2nd thread for more info.

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